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Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker and Rey are some of the best characters ever created. Denver Art Museum exposed some of the artistry behind the compelling universe of Star Wars with an exhibit showcasing over 70 costumes and behind the scenes artwork. Friends of Mine helped let the people know by developing this spot highlighting the artistry that goes into these iconic characters.


The spot focuses on the imagination of the artists developing the costumes of Star Wars. From the initial sketches, fabrics, patterns and plastics, a new reality is created. Sound acts to tie the process of creation with the dream of an unrealized world. Intimate moments of drawing, sewing, Dremel grinding and costume details are paired with unmistakable Star Wars sounds to tease this exciting exhibition.


Denver Art Museum

Friends of Mine


Promoting the exhibition presented an interesting challenge. The costumes weren’t available. Fortunately, there are some really talented costume designers that fabricate extremely detailed replicas of the ones used in the films. Thanks to their incredible assets the world of Star Wars could be expressed well enough to have it approved by Lucas Films.


Another concept focused on the artistry involved in creating the costumes of Star Wars. Layers of drawing, painting and design build to create the final concept artwork illustrating the costumes.


Everyone pitched in on set for this one. Big thanks to Tasso Stathopulos from D.A.M. Thanks to Matt Bradshaw for bringing his R2D2. Huge thanks to Patrick Gillies and Katia Schiele of the Rebel Legion Mountain Base, Brian Tyler of the Mandalorian Mercs Cerar Clan and Scott Magerfleisch from the Mountain Garrison of the 501st Legion for literally lending a hand and for bringing their unbelievable costumes.