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DJ Chris Karns, World DMC Champion, had an amazing concept, but needed our expertise to help execute it. He wanted to perform with four arms. What DJ doesn’t wish for four arms? Chris worked to develop a routine in two parts. First, with his outer arms. Then, with his inner arms. We stepped in to blend the two and realize his dream.


To bring DJ Chris Karns’ vision to life, we had to work closely throughout the process. He wanted to do the routine without any edits, showing that it could be done live, if only he had four arms. To make it believable, his arms had to coordinate so that we could composite the two together.


Rane Mixers
Creative Director + Talent:
DJ Chris Karns
Production Company:
Friends of Mine
Director + Editor:
Adam Espinoza
Cara Sturgis
Animation, Composite, Design:
Adam Espinoza, Burke Miles

Director of Photography:
Sam Joos
DP Assistant:
Julia Wechsler
Robert Fraser
Production Assistance:
Robert Fraser, Mike De La Vega
Technical Assistance:
Jason Schwarz
DJ Chris Karns


We began by discussing the routine with Chris and identifying all the potential problems. He then developed the routine, between tours around the globe. Once he had it down, we did screen tests to identify any issues with compositing, or coordination of his new limbs. Chris is a pro. Within an evening we had all the footage we would need and it was time to transform it into something super-ordinary.


Once we had DJ Chris Karns’ stellar performance, it was time to transform it into an otherworldly journey. We shot a time lapse of clouds and composited it with pagodas and mountains to create the feeling of a vintage kung-fu flick. Then, on to NASA to find the perfect astral images we could map onto 3D geometry for a tunnel into the cosmos. Add video game style details to Chris’s performance and the transformation was complete.