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Sauce Society Skeletons

We created this month’s Sauce Society poster. Once we had the skeleton built, we couldn’t resist putting it in motion.

  • Adam Espinoza: Biker and dancing skeletons
  • Walter Breakell: Drinking skeletons
  • Burke Miles: Poster

If you’d like to create your own animated skeletons, download the project files and go to it. Make sure to drop us a line showing off what you’ve created.



The State of Wikipedia

The State of Wikipedia from Mark Kulakoff on Vimeo.

Love the simplicity in this explanatory piece for Wikipedia. Animated by Mark Kulakoff and Produced by Jess3.

The House I Live In

Director Eugene Jarecki is out with a powerful new documentary about this country’s long and exhausting “war on drugs”. It’s hard to look at the subject and not come to the conclusion that our country is using a vast and corrupt penal system as a means of controlling certain groups of our population, rather than any sort of system to help people rebuild their lives.

Bowls, Floods and the Anthropocene

Just what the hell is going on? And what does it mean for how we live?

While back in Southern California for the holidays I had the chance to catch some of The Dust Bowl, the latest documentary from the great Ken Burns. Growing up, I had of course heard of it in my history lessons, but never really understood the complete devastation that was wrought on the Great Plains for a period of several years.

Science fiction has become reality. Sandy showed us all that whether man-made or the result of natural shifts in our planet, our climate is changing. For this insightful article on global warming, Bloomberg Businessweek came out with a cover design that cuts to the chase and exposes the idiocy of arguing cause, rather than reality and preparing to meet it. Cover design by Richard Turley

Is this yet another argument that we’re entering a new epoch of geologic time, similar to the jurassic, triassic and pleistocene? Could this be the Anthropocene – the Age of Man?

Going to the Store

More Dlew!

Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures

Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures from dlew on Vimeo.

Our good friend David Lewandowski is out with yet another feat of brillance with this dreamy video for Flying Lotus. And yes, that’s Elijah Wood.

Spielberg’s Lincoln Movie With Hair Gallery

When Steven Spielberg filmed his movie, Lincoln, in Richmond, Va., cast members were frequently seen walking throughout the city in everyday garb with hairstyles fashioned for the movie. This gave Martin Agency senior art producer, Anya Mills, and local photographer, Adam Ewing, a brilliant idea: create a collection of portraits featuring extras from Lincoln in everyday wear with beards and hairstyles styled for the movie.

Ewing created 14 portraits in total, all shot in the style of Mathew Brady, a famous 19th century photographer known for his portraits and documentation of battlefields and scenes of the American Civil War.

Get Out & Vote

Today’s the day to get out and get your voice heard.


Pretty sure this guy loves sports. And we love the teams at Wolff-Olins, The Bees and Honey and the Wade Bros, who helped bring these colorful and totally original spots to life for the worldwide rebrand of USA TODAY. FOM did all editing, coloring and graphics.


TEDGlobal 2012

We’re huge fans of the TED talks here at the studio and were thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the ‘Radical Openness’ conference taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland. In collaboration with illustrator and director Superdeux, we brought his whimsical characters to life in both an opening animation as well as for individual speakers

Illustration and Direction: Superdeux
Direction and Animation: Friends of Mine
Animation: Burke Miles